Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where Is Your God Now!

Religion gets in the way of an awful lot of common sense.  For instance, being of a scientific bent (though not having achieved any higher degree in anything, let alone a science) can sometimes test my Christian beliefs.  Sometimes you sit there and just wonder, which kind of time am I wasting?

I do find Scientologists highly amusing.  Ooh, delicious: spellcheck doesn't like "Scientologist."  Interesting, it doesn't like "spellcheck" either.  Idiot computer, you're refuting yourself along with the silly cultists.  Anyway, a Scientologist tried to explain to me how Christianity was patently ridiculous, with its principal coming back from the dead.  Knowing a little bit about Scientology, I explained how my zombie trumped their space aliens any day of the week - at least Jesus was local and could relate to humanity.

For some reason, that wasn't well received.  Bummer.

But what about when your religion gets in the way of your work life?  Where I work I'm surrounded exclusively by Christians, but I've worked alongside everyone, from Muslims to atheists to Buddhists to just about everything else.  Even the old Viking religion Asatru or, as I like to call it, Norsican.  My understanding of Asatru is that is organized drinking and partying.  I might be wrong.  Weigh in if you have a viewpoint you'd like to share.

Haven't met anyone practicing Shinto, yet.  There's a conversation I'd like to have.

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