Monday, June 20, 2011

Drinking & Driving: Jackass

One of the former stars of the wildly popular "show" Jackass, that staple that sets the tone for so much of MTV, is dead.  Welcome to it.

The guy's name was Ryan Dunn.  He rose to stardom of a sort, doing stupid things to himself and others, inserting foreign objects into bodily orifices and spoofing doctors at emergency rooms when the badly misplaced Hot Wheels showed up on the X-ray.  It all came to a crashing end both literally and figuratively when he got up from the bar after a few hours of tossing back beers, staggered unchallenged to his car, fell behind the wheel and cheerfully piloted the car, himself and his passenger headlong into the next world.

Jackass?  Dumbass.

So the world's short a jackass.  Is that a bad thing?

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