Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner Withdraws from Congress


There are many unfair puns I could make on the guy's current situation, many of them involving his name.  Unfair because he has no control over his name.  In deference to that lack of control and the fact I have been teased with my own name for years, I will resist the very very strong temptation.

Too bad Weiner didn't resist temptation.  But that's water under the bridge.

After the fact isn't the time to claim you have a problem and need help.  Millions of cynical voters look at the timing and say, "yeah, right."  Had Weiner gone for counseling, been outed after being in counseling a while, this might have blown over very quickly.  If nothing else, he would have received a much more sympathetic reaction from the public in general.  But saying you're a sex addict and going for counseling after the white hot spotlight of getting caught letting your fingers doing the running around on your wife, doesn't wash.  Sorry Tony.

Maybe he can get a job as a sex addiction counselor.  He's got a good name for it.

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