Monday, June 13, 2011

Anthony Weiner

It's almost too easy.  Like Charlie Sheen, Weiner is his own worst enemy.

By now there's no vertebrate lifeform that hasn't heard Weiner got in trouble for sending photos of himself - and his Weiner - to assorted women all over the US.  That's bad enough.  You're a US Representative, Tony.  You're supposed to be smart, wise enough to know that that kind of thing is Frowned Upon.

What makes it worse is that he told at least one of the women how to lie to cover up their relationship.  Ouch.  Not bad enough?  The woman in question is porn star Ginger Lee.  Ouch ouch.  Stop, Tony.  You're making it too easy.

Then Weiner goes on the news, first to turn on the waterworks and admit he's been bad and he's terribly sorry about all the women he's "hurt," which I find frankly ridiculous, and he'll never never do it again and he's by golly going to stay the course in his Congressional seat and ride this thing out...

This is the part where the other members of Congress say "Like Hell,you will," because as bad as it is to have this kind of scandal land in your own political party, it's even worse to keep it around.  Weiner says he's seeking treatment to "become a healthier person," which might imply he's claiming sexual addiction.  If so and if it's real, more power to you.  If he's shamming to dodge harsher criticism: man up.  You've been thinking with your glands, Tony.  Admit it.

Except it isn't just glands.  I've said it before, that it takes a certain towering ego to seek public office, to believe you're the right one for the job.  It's not a far stretch to believe you're too smart to be caught, too much man for one woman, too sexy for Internet security.  Wow - way to learn the hard way!

So now there's a call for Weiner to step down.  I say, step down.  Go on.  It's tough to be taken seriously as a Congressman when you're showing your junk to phone sex buddies on the side.  Some of us are more mature than that.

Hey - if not showing pictures of my pasty white self to women on the Internet is a qualifying stipulation, I'm ready for politics!  Who'll vote for me?  I assure you I won't be as embarrassing as Anthony Weiner or Eliot Spitzer.

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