Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Squeaky Wheel Gripes Loudly

Unfortunately this blog post means I'm going to give this young woman a little more airtime, but I salve my conscience with this: I get a little airtime of my own by writing about it.  Not that mine gets much recognition, but hey - something to write about is something to write about.

Her name is Suzy Lee Weiss, and she's got a bone to pick.  Looks like Ms. Weiss is having difficulty getting accepted at one of her preferred schools, and is mad as a wet hen about it.  Looks like she has to be satisfied with some or one of the second stringers.

Right about now I'd be wondering, if I were the "lucky" school Ms. Weiss deigned to reluctantly accept as some of the higherfaluting ones wouldn't have her, whether I'd been so wise in accepting her application.  It looks to me as if Ms. Weiss has a lot of sour grapes and doesn't mind getting vocal with them.

Here's where, as a former high school student applying to schools and as a current dad to college students, I say "suck it up."  Okay, your resume didn't rock them back on their heels.  Whose fault is that?  If they're looking for higher-achieving students and you didn't clear the bar, whose fault is that?  You made the choices when you made them, not to set up a charity or go on the mission trip or make an art film about what you did last winter, and now you're dissatisfied with the longer term ramifications?

Whose fault is that?

Not the school's.  Get a clue, Ms. Weiss.  You're jealous.  You admit to being bitter at the end of your little tirade and that surely shows through, but really what you are is jealous and resentful.  If you want what those other students have, you're going to have to work harder.  Mom and Dad not rich enough to send you to Africa, bust your ass on your summer job to buy a spot on the mission trip.  Whoops - too busy watching "Desperate Housewives," my bad.  Can't be bothered, huh.  Oh well.  Maybe if you whine and rail about it enough, someone will feel sorry for you.

Not me.  And whose fault is that?

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