Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rebecca Black: Back in the Limelight. And the limelight is for everyone.

You might remember Rebecca Black.  Pretty girl, pop star voice, laughable song.  Friday

The song isn't going to light up the world - though it was a hell of a lot of fun when Glee covered it for the prom episode - but doing a little research on it pointed up that young Ms. Black had a steady head on her shoulders.  And digging a little more into Ms. Black, we find that she actually can sing.  It's not a bunch of autotuned vocals or lip syncing, she's actually singing and she sounds pretty good.

Back when that song came out, I said as much.  And if you'll recall, I said she was  a name and a face we probably ought to keep our eyes peeled for in the future, because we'd most likely be seeing them again.

And now we are.

Black is pairing with Dave Days, who is himself an extremely popular Youtube star, an indie rocker who does lots of covers and lots of stuff by himself, and has done more duets with other rising independent musicians than I care to think about: Mystery Guitar Man, Megan Nicole, Kimmi Smiles and many others.  The guy is everywhere. 

And by golly, she sounds pretty good.

As the internet becomes more and more the primary channel of pop culture and entertainment, Rebecca Black, Dave Days and other independent producers are becoming the primary sources of the entertainment we see.  And as that happens, the democratization of entertainment, the ascension of independency of production becomes the most significant element of that entertainment.

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