Sunday, March 24, 2013

Puzzling search results

My most popular blog page is the one about International Nude Day.  That's not a big surprise considering the prurient nature of a lot of internet searches.  Porn is the greatest common denominator among the world's peoples, sex feels just as good to these people over here as it does to those people over there, and we all have it in common.  So everybody looks at, thinks about and has sex, and sexy internet pages are a language everyone understands.

But my International Nude Day post isn't about sex.  It's just about going around with no clothes on.  Nevertheless, the loaded word "nude" brings in a consistent few page clicks every week.

But what's the runner-up on that list?  It isn't the follow-up page about International Nude Day, which is a little odd.  Odder still, it's about former Presidential candidate and Texas Governer Rick Perry.  The next on the hot list is a post with a big picture of a jumping spider.  The Nude Day follow up post is at #7.

Why all the interest in Rick Perry?  That's just strange.  And why, oh why, is the jumping spider so popular? I mean, I know he's an awfully cute little fella but dang, some things in this world are just headscratchers.

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