Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why Rick Perry Can't Be President

He looks like Ted McGinley, for one.  We can't have POTUS jump the shark, can we?

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Ted McGinley, seen here not cursing any show at all

Ted McGinley is the actor who, through no fault of his own, is somehow associated with TV shows that tank.  He's a perfectly nice guy, easy to look at, typical leading man rugged charm.  But when he's featured on a show, it's like some distant death knell sounds somewhere.  I was so unhappy to see him on Sports Night.

The other reason, the big reason, is Rick Perry's faith.  He's too Christian.

That's right, too faithful.  Too devoted to his own spiritual path, too Christian.  It pains me to say it, being Christian myself.  But Perry's big prayer rally was, in my opinion, a big coffin nail in his not-a-campaign to run for President.  There are things you might do as a private citizen that you just don't do as a politician.

To hold a big prayer rally is a good thing.  Make no mistake on that.  But to hold it as governor of a state (or quasi-country, from their point of view) is another thing entirely.  It smacks of endorsement.  As governor, you shouldn't do that.

As President, you shouldn't do that.

This nation is largely Christian, yes.  This nation was founded by Christian immigrants who were seeking a freer place in which to practice their own brand of faith, yes.  But it was also founded by companies looking to make a buck.  And the framers of our own government proclaimed freedom of faith - not just Christian faith, but any faith up to and including no faith.  Perry's presidency, should it happen (God forbid), would undermine and dilute all of that.  He can't set aside his own spiritual path long enough to admit the legitimacy of anyone else's.

See, the scary thing here is that Perry has decided on many things that many people are still debating.  He's decided and no argument, evidence, or debate to the contrary is likely to dissuade him, ever.  So those gray areas that make politics such a pain in the butt for the rest of us simply don't exist for him.  He's got a certainty, and now all he has to do is find a way to make reality match his convictions.  Abortion?  That's just wrong.  Every time.  Gotta get rid of that.  Gay marriage?  Can't have that, the queers will start breeding.  State's rights?  Totally for them...until he's not.  Hmm.  Bit of waffling there.  Maybe as a presidential hopeful he's less concerned about state's rights.

I'm not the only one thinking along these lines.  A President must be fair and balanced, in a very not-Fox-News kind of way.  I don't think Rick Perry can become balanced that way, and that by itself is a deal breaker.

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