Monday, August 1, 2011

Why Michele Bachmann Can't Be President: Part II

You'll recall we've taken a trip on this boat.already.  It apparently takes more than one route to get to the same place, however.

On Sunday Bachmann's people released a statement from her, a statement that says, among other things, "It was you that got us into this mess, and it was you who wanted a $2.4 trillion blank check to get you through the election."

Those would be fighting words if they had a larger grain of truth.  If we refer to a little data, we find that while we are indeed underwater with Obama's spending and taxation programs, we discover that we were already well beyond our depth when Bush sank the boat.

Complicating these facts is the Tea Party delegation that seems hellbound and determined to have their way or no way at all.  In a government that is supposed to be by and for the people, they tend to represent a pretty small group; it's one thing to represent your constituents and that's well and good, that's what you should do.  But when you insist on the wingnut platform your wingnut voters backed, in defiance of whatever else the rest of the country might want, well.  That's just being a bully.

If Michele Bachmann becomes President of the United States, we will have four of our worst years ever.  Mark my words.  You think the economy is rocky now, just you wait.  I'd vote for Dick Cheney before I voted for Bachmann, that's how loose a cannon I think she is.  Cheney actually defines loose cannon, accidentally blasting a hunting buddy - but he's way more rational than Bachmann is on her best day.  We can't afford Bachmann.

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