Thursday, July 7, 2011

International Nude Day

Hands off those buttons!  We're not there yet.

International Nude Day - also called National Nude Day in New Zealand - is July 14.  That's a week off, so you've got some time to prepare, to psych yourself up.

Time to choose what to wear.  Ha ha ha.

My mom will probably throw her hands up in frustration at this.  She didn't raise me to be running around in my birthday suit.  Oh well, Mom.  You did your best.

I haven't gotten up to much in the way of naked shenanigans, to be completely frank.  There was a memorable excursion into an especially deep snowfall one January night when I lived in a house whose yard had considerably more privacy than where I live now.  Getting in touch with my inner Finn, I soaked in as hot a tub as I could stand until I couldn't stand it any longer, then dashed outside to roll in the snow.

That was both a shock and a revelation.  After a few seconds of rolling in the snow, I had to dash back inside, but that brief exposure had wrenched my body temperature back to neutral.  I've gotten similar results from a jump from the hot tub to the in-ground pool at a condo in Gatlinburg on my birthday, which was awesome in that my mom got to witness that (a distant "Oh!" of dismay as we jumped into the pool told me Mom had seen us leaping into the cold pool.  Don't anybody leer, it was in a public place.  We had our swimsuits on.) and could only shake her head at our insanity.  The beauty of the hot tub was that we could heat up again and jump in again.

The next morning we did it again, but we had to crack the ice off the pool before jumping in.  It was that cold.

So what could you do on International Nude Day?  Well in many parts of the States, not much.  Anti-nudity laws on the books mean whatever you want to do, you're going to have to do it at home or in a relatively secluded location if you don't want not-like-minded individuals complaining to the local constabulary.  Getting arrested is bad enough, getting arrested naked is just awful.

I'm guessing.  Never been arrested, myself.

But back to the point.  Nude beaches, nude resorts, your own back yard if you don't have neighbors close by.  The bedroom, the covered porch.  Relax and read a book.  Feel the wind in your toes as you read.  Not the newspaper, I find the news troubling enough that I prefer to have all my armor on if I have to see what's up with the world.

There's a spot on the shore of the lake around here that's perfect for after-dark skinny dipping.  It's an excellent spot for a quick dip but for one little problem:

July 14 is a Thursday.  Skinny-dipping feels like such a weekend thing.  Can't we push it back one more day?

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