Thursday, July 14, 2011

International Nude Day: It's Here!

Okay, now you can strip.

I asked Sweetie if she would shoot a picture of my naked pink butt for International Nude Day.

"Not for love or money.  Not for any reason.  That's a no, now and forever."

Not a lot of room there for negotiation.  And I'm okay with that, I was pretty much joshing when I asked her.  So if you landed on this page hoping to see something to satisfy prurient interests, go fish.  None such here.  If however you are looking for a little encouragement, I'm here to help.

You were born naked.  That's an indication that either God or Nature (depending on your theological leanings) has designed/evolved you to your current state with all you need.  Anything beyond that is optional.  Hey-hey: clothing optional!

I also point out to smokers that they were not born on fire, and therefore are not optimized for smoking and should stop.  Limited success on that score.  Moving on!

Baby steps: get home after a day at work and take off your shoes and socks.  Do it immediately.  Sit down and scootch your feet on the floor, really get into that surface.  Feel the floor.  The smooth-grippy surface of a hardwood floor, the pop and bristle of carpet.  You're taking in sensations from a direction you've learned not to take them.  It's time to change your perception a little.

Now that you're in the groove, if you're comfortable, you can take off everything.  We're not running around the neighborhood terrorizing the crazy cat lady down the street and jeopardizing property values, we're just taking a tour of the house.  Curtains closed, all by ourselves.  This is how my work day usually comes to an end, the first thing that happens is all those hot dirty clothes come off.  Good to peel all that off, it's almost a symbolic representation of the changing of the paradigm.

Shucking off your workday clothes is like shucking off your workday mindset.  Like a workplace personality, there's such a thing as a homeplace personality - the person you are when you aren't at work.  You can't get much farther from work than when you're walking around nude, unless you're the activities director at a quality naturist resort.

I'm still holding out hope for an evening skinny-dip tonight, after dark so no one has to put up with my aforementioned naked pink butt.  But when you think about it, swimming is one of those things practically perfect for the dissatisfied nudist.  Few things make less sense than taking everything off, so you can put unreasonably snug or unpleasantly ugly garments on, just so you can go swimming.  If you could skip the bathing suit, you could just peel off, jump in and swim.  Then when you came out, you'd towel off and be dry.  No weird wet swimsuit clinging to you and making you feel clammy for an hour afterward.  Doesn't that make more sense?  It sure does to me.

Hmm.  I think I'll research whether there's an International Skinny Dip Day.  Let you know what I find out.

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