Friday, May 6, 2011

The Hate Church: Update

Westboro Baptist Church, they of the cheerfully colorful God Hates _____ signs and protests at military funerals, have gotten their computers plugged back in after Anonymous took them down.

One would much prefer that Anonymous hit them again.  It was nicer that way.

Reading a bit of WBC's website, it's clear they are hung up on the hate hate hate part of the Bible, and nothing but the hate hate hate.  They can't hear anything else, can't see anything else.   Even quoting John 3:16, they steer away from the "God so loved the world" part to point out the exclusionary clauses.  If you don't toe every one of these lines - the WBC cheerfully enumerates all of them - simultaneously, you're damned forever and doomed to burn in hell!

If anything were liable to make you doubt your faith, these guys could do it.  If you are on the fence and leaning toward atheism, just stay away from the WBC.  Maybe you'll get better.

Reading further into it, what comes to me is an image of conflicted "swingers" trying to justify their lifestyle by reading the Bible just for the sexy parts.  C'mon people, there's more to it than that.

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