Sunday, May 15, 2011

Final Show: the Runup

In a couple of hours, we'll have our last showing of And Then There Were None.  This has been, at times, the most stressful thing I've ever done, the funniest, the most confusing.  One of the most rewarding.  It falls a far, far third place - like, there's time to take in a movie while waiting for it to cross the finish line - behind being a husband and dad, but when you take those two outliers out of the field, this has been a hugely rewarding exercise.

The director told me I'm a natural actor.  Okay, if you say so.  At some point it stopped feeling like acting - don't pretend to be the person, just be the person.  I'm Rogers, the faithful and competent houseman.  I represent the Master until he arrives on the premises.  Speak to me, and you're speaking to the Master, in effect.

But in a few more hours, it'll be over.  Thank goodness!  Because besides being the most rewarding and the funnest, I did point out it has been the most confusing and stressful.  I've been up later more nights in a row than at any other time since high school.  I'm getting old: I need my sleep.  And there won't be any more of the bizarre emotional swings of Rogers' terrible last day, when he finds himself thrust into a situation not of his making.  Already he must adapt to certain things gone awry but he's received instructions on what to do and no problems there...but now when it turns out there really is no Master...?

As I said: stressful.  I like things to be relatively orderly.  Short-order deadlines and immediate concerns are my preference.  I'm not fantastic at long range planning and prefer to leave that to others.  Rogers is a man of details and reactions.  I think we'd get along famously.

See what I mean about confusing?  I'd get along famously...with myself?  I'm in kind of a weird place right now.

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