Friday, April 8, 2011

Terry Jones is a Fool - On Behalf of the United States, My Apologies to Afghanistan


Of all the stupid things to do, burning somebody's holy book is one of the dumbest.  There are a few simple reasons:

1) If they're any kind of rational, the people whose holy text you've destroyed will simply pull another copy of the shelf.  Problem solved.  You've destroyed only one of millions, and even if you were to destroy them all, all you've done is burn a book.  Big whoop - the book's message is already out there, and all you've done is made it more interesting.  What's in there that you're so afraid of?  Hmm, gotta check that out.  Good job, Jones.  You were trying to scare people away from the Quran, and instead you've caused a spike in sales.

2) The close-minded and easily incensed practitioners of that faith - those people like yourself, Jones - will FREAK THE HELL OUT and go all bugnuts, rioting and revolting and generally raising all kinds of ruckus.  Witness the latest uproar in Afghanistan, where dozens are dead and hundreds wounded in the riots.  Way to go, Jones - I thought you were supposed to be some kind of holy man, dedicated to peace?  How did you get that job?

I don't hold with Islam.  There are entirely too many radical factions associated with it for me to take it seriously. Do I think Islam is inherently bad?  No, but neither do I think it is inherently good.  There's something that makes such radical fundamentalism so easy, and so easily corrupted to become the repressive, oppressive driving force behind so many factions.  I can't say whether that's an idealogical shortcoming, or a toxic combination of the faith and the culture where it's practiced.  I'm not educated or smart enough to be able to figure all that out.  And  I'm not saying Christianity is without blame, or Judaism.  If only there weren't all the pesky humans in the mix, lousing things up...

Well.  Can't have that.

Everybody calm down.  All he managed to do is burn a book.  Islam isn't even lightly toasted by this halfwitted stunt.

Just because Jones has to be immature and xenophobic, doesn't mean everyone else has to react to it.  Let him have his tantrum, but don't give him more attention than he deserves.

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