Friday, April 29, 2011

Birthers: The New X-Files

When the conspiracy is disproven with evidence, what do the conspiracy theorists do?

Deny the evidence.

So far no one has proven the existence of UFOs, Sasquatch (spelling "abominable" correctly in less than three tries is a big achievement for me) or what led Flight 19 astray.  But the theorists have their, uh, theories and they cling to them.  Evidence is just chaff put out by the conspirators, by the black operators trying to keep the wool pulled over the eyes of the public that really deserves to know The Truth.

So Obama finally released his birth certificate.  Since he had already released the short form and not satisfied anybody with that, he had to get the long form released, too.  Already the theorists are asking why he had to wait so long - did the forgers really need all that time?.  Already they're picking at the long form itself.

Already, Donald Trump is trying to hold this up as a personal achievement.  Man, that guy is his own biggest fan.

There are certain conspiracies you can believe in.  Is there a super-secret Air Force space shuttle?  You bet.  It's not a great secret since it's been on the news but they don't make a big business of showing it to people, the USAF doesn't invite Hollywood actors to launches and they don't talk about what they're sending up.  But did the US government secretly conspire with the 9/11 terrorists to demolish the Trade Towers, the Pentagon or anything else?  Don't be ridiculous.

Did Obama secretly have a "legit" birth certificate created from whole cloth to legitiimize his presidency?  Don't be ridiculous.

Obama's been in the public eye for a lot longer than just his Presidency.  Don't forget that before he was a president, he was a Congressman.  And before he was a Congressman, he was a Congressional candidate.  His records were examined pretty thoroughly quite a while ago.  Why no one wants to believe the evidence that was presented way back then is a mystery.  Why they continue to question it now is a mystery.  Some people just don't have a firm grip on reality.

That's called "cognitive dissonance."  Like doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, it suggests that the person in question cannot perceive the world in the same way as other people.  Sometimes that's not a bad thing - that's how we got Salvador Dali.  That's how we got Stanley Kubrick.  But you have to take the bad with the good, and that's how we got The Donald.

Trump is now claiming that his efforts alone are what finally forced Obama to produce his birth certificate.  Now that the certificate is out there, Trump is asking about Obama's school records.  Trump's own school records are in fact pretty good, but his business history leaves something to be desired.

I'd like to remind the nation that while Trump is supposedly very wealthy and a brilliant businessman, he has been in bankruptcy more than once and got his start when his dad left him a mountain of money.  Why can't you make a casino turn a profit, Don?  People walk in and literally hand you money, completely aware the odds are they will leave with nothing.  How can you not make that work?

Also, Trump gripes an awful lot about how China is eating America's industrial lunch, but 98% of all Trump-branded merchandise is in fact manufactured in China.

Cognitive dissonance, thy name is Trump

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