Wednesday, March 2, 2011

News Flash: Charlie Sheen is Melting Down.

Well, maybe that's not such a news flash.  If you have a pulse and at least one functioning sensory input, you've probably heard that Charlie Sheen's latest list of crazy behavior has turned the Denial Dial to "11."

In an interview, the interviewer asks him, "Are you high right now?"

Charlie: "Look at me.  Duh."  But his motions and expressions even as he indicates his own face border on frantic.  Well, maybe he wasn't high at that very moment.  But over the past couple of weeks, Charlie's snorted up all the rocks and some of the pea gravel, guzzled down a river of booze, and debauched every porn star he's clapped eyes on.  At this point, "high" might define a different level of intoxication, a level normally unattainable by those expected to live.

He's looking pretty rough.  Turn the Wayback Machine back a few years and he looks calmer, more attentive and his cheeks are a little fuller.  In the present day it looks like Charlie's dropped a few pounds over the last year, not healthy ones.  And he's got crazy eyes.

How can I put this in perspective?  Hmm - Charlie Sheen's headlines are trumping those of Lady Gaga and Silvio Berlusconi put together.


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