Monday, March 14, 2011

The Hate Church: Update

Westboro Baptist Church is so far offline, its native websites don't appear on the first three pages of Google searches anymore.


Now, the suspicious part of me says, what if the WBC is in fact a Joaquin Phoenix of subterfuge?  What if their original goal from the very beginning was the outpouring of sympathy and support their activities generate for the people they picket?  Fags need love too.  Feel bad for the families of those fallen soldiers.  Wherever the WBC goes, support for the people they picket just skyrockets.  If you want to see a crowd of people rush to a stranger's aid, just roll video on a WBC protest.  Their message is so far outside of what I see and hear in church, it's almost hard to believe they call themselves a church too.

But what if...?

Have you been messing with us all this time, Phelps?  Has the WBC been pulling the old switcheroo, making us care for and support each other in the face of adversity because that's really what God wants us to do?  The poor will always be with us, after all.  We're supposed to do unto them, et cetera.

Sneaky, sneaky.

Naaah.  It's too subtle.  I don't think Phelps has the wit for it.  I don't think Phelps-Roper has the patience for it.  And the grandkids were too cheerfully cruel, admitting they'd keep on picketing people even if they didn't think they were ordered to by God - because it's fun.

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