Thursday, February 24, 2011

Breaking News: Anonymous vs. Westboro Baptist Church

Widely reviled Christian-themed hate group Westboro Baptist Church has inspired the ire of the online hacktivist group Anonymous.  Defining exactly who Anonymous is, or even where they are, is beyond my ken and pretty much everybody else's.  They take their name seriously, their data-management kung fu far exceeds anything I might ever bring to the party.

What has happened?  Well.  It appears the WBC tried to start a fight to raise a little attention for themselves.  Oops.  In the course of a live interview, Anonymous downloaded the WBC's network and made it available for public viewing.   If you ever wanted to see the electronic spleen the WBC keeps venting, now's your chance.  At this writing, the WBC is offline.  Yay!

Hey, Anonymous - I can't officially say I like your style because I think what you're doing might be illegal, but still - I like your style.

In other good news, Charlie Sheen's show "Two and a Half Men" is off the air for the rest of the season, hopefully forever.  The only thing in that show's favor is that it's only a half-hour long.

I do hope Jon Cryer finds another gig quickly.  I like him.  And here's hoping Charlie finds rehab and lots of it, really soon.

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