Sunday, September 14, 2014

ISIS, ISIL, Infidels

Q: When is an Islamist not a Muslim?
A: When he's a member of ISIS and ISIL.

Already having shown its extremist tendencies by mowing down hundreds and hundreds of their own countrymen, countrymen who are ostensibly fellow Muslims, ISIS and ISIL have upped their game to what can only be described as pure madness.

I will not provide any links.  These nutcakes have been in the news enough that you don't need me to show you where to find more evidence of their cruelty.  I don't want to send you somewhere that points up, in graphic clarity, the extent of their brutality.  No one needs that in his head.

And yet, ISIS' and ISIL's operatives keep that in their heads, keep it and visit it upon others.  I'm going to try to dig up some supporting doctrine that might excuse their behavior.

Quran 41:34 says: "Goodness and evil are not equal; repel evil with what is better."  If ISIS try to tell us they are answering hurts with similar hurts, well, that's just wrong.  Their holy book says so.  And there are indeed passages that condone violence but only in the context of defending against an attack.  One wonders what attack David Haines, an aid worker in Syria not backing any political agenda at all, might have committed to be answered by his heartless murder.  And then again there are passages that call for violence but no one has made a definitive call whether those passages, the Sword Passages, supercede the Peace Passages.

Haines is only the most recent in a long list of what can only be described as hate crimes propogated by the "state" that is ISIS and ISIL.  Certainly these attacks have raised ISIS' and ISIL's profile in world media, if only for the fact that where they sorta-kinda had a fundamentalist rationale for killing those countrymen of theirs who did not adhere to the same doctrine as their own, the neutral nature of previous victims who were both journalists and this most recent atrocity clearly targeted non-Islamic, noncombatants.

In the case of Haines, ISIS is literally biting the hand that is helping feed its countrymen.  Bad ISIS!  Bad!

When a dog goes that bad, you shoot him.  I won't go into the various ways the Quran is just bad doctrine - Muhammad was not the great guy Muslims want us to think he was, if you go digging into his history he's bad news - but that's for another day.  Right now ISIS and ISIL need to be scraped off the surface of the earth.  Its so-called "caliph," Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, declared himself as caliph and leader of all Muslims everywhere - when really most Muslims are pretty annoyed with him at best, and downright horrified by him and what his group's actions have done for Islam in general.  I know the Geneva convention prevents deliberate targeting of a head of state, but really Baghdadi isn't a head of state - he's a terrorist with a really big support cell behind him.  So blast 'im and we can all enjoy a quieter Middle East, which is really what everybody wants.

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