Monday, June 16, 2014

Equilibria and Day 42: 180

The first few pounds are the easiest to lose.  Clearly I was working pretty hard at holding my body weight so high above what might be described as its equilibrium state, that level that it most naturally would sustain without much attention on my part.  I say working, but really what it was was not working, not getting any exercise beyond pushing back from the table for another trip to the all-you-can-eat buffet.  Those things, while delicious, are a siren's song drawing the ship of your arteries onto the hardened shores of plaque and hypertension.

That's the good news and the bad news combined.  If I assume that this, 180 pounds, is approximately my equilibrium state, that's still a lot heavier than I want to weigh.  I'd like to hold at something more like 170.  I will have to get down to 170 and hold that, probably for a couple of years, before I can relax my vigilance a bit.  You can change your equilibrium, the longer you hold a weight the more likely you are to retain it even when you stop paying attention.  It just takes time.

But, and this is the very good news, this is my lowest post-weekend weight thus far.  I didn't bounce very much.

In somewhat related news, our larger cat has lost a pound.  She had it to lose, too, and seems to be doing a bit better with less mass to haul around.  But she doesn't understand these things intellectually of course, and becomes very vocal at mealtimes.  My previous cats have generally been indoor-outdoor animals, free to go outside if there was someone to open the door for them.  They would prowl around and run off their food.  That doesn't happen with these cats and while our elder cat remains lean, the younger one will wolf down whatever food is in her dish.  This is an animal for whom the word "leftover" has no context.

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