Friday, May 30, 2014

A Real American Speaks UP, and Day 25 : 181

Stepped on the scales and saw the needle come to rest at 181 pounds.  Not bad!

I don't watch ESPN so I really don't know who Stephen A. Smith is, but he's in the news.  He's in the news partly because he tells the (sports-related) news, and partly because LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling is in the news.  This is a toppling dominoes story, and how we wind up at this juncture isn't really the point.

This juncture, where Stephen A. Smith hauls off and shares a big ol' piece of his mind, is the point.  And it is brilliant.

In this video, I don't see a black man.  I don't see a racist, a commentator, a flak, anything like that.  I see an American of the highest order.

I have nothing further to say.  This is an act I cannot follow without detracting from it.  I salute you Mr. Smith, and wish you nothing but the best.

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