Friday, October 18, 2013

An Open Letter to Congress: You're All Fired

Every last one of you.  Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Librarians, whatever.  I don't care what party affiliation you have.  Pack your crap and get out.  I want you gone by the end of the business day.

Allow me to explain my rationale.  All of you:

1) are members of parties that have become so polarized against each other that you will take our country to the brink of default rather than find compromises.  That's not government, that's hostage-taking.

2) have been party to the process of creating a state of constant war against drugs and terror but with little to show in the way of progress  in those wars.  The actual products that we see of those wars are a slowly rising tide of fear.  Did anyone ever stop to ask whether war was the right course of action?

3) have been spitting into the rapidly warming wind of global climate change.  The time for debate was decades ago, as was the time for action.  A solution - and there is no single solution - will not be litigated.  Solutions must be encouraged, rewarded and extolled.  Browbeating, denial and obfuscation will not change the fact that as the population grows and resource use accelerates, we humans have a tangible and far reaching effect on our environment.  Stop standing in the path of people who can improve matters, stop putting stumbling blocks in their paths.

4) are paid too damned much to behave in the manner you have.

5) get paid too damned much, period.

The United States' wars overseas do not make sense to me.  A much better policy would be one of global non-aggression.  That option may not be available anymore.  I would strongly recommend exploring it.  Let the aggressors kill each other off and take no side in hostilities.  If you must take a side, provide humanitarian aid to the sides we support.  Heck, even offering humanitarian aid to the side we DON'T support would be universally positive karma.  But that avenue may be irrevocably closed to us.  Too bad.  We can afford to build a lot more hospitals and schools than we can tanks and bombers.  Hospitals and schools are cheaper.

The United States could be nearly energy independent with the vigorous support of alternative energy development.  Yes, the infrastructural demands of oil and coal are well developed.  So what?  Developing other technologies provides jobs, jobs, jobs.  Whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, building the job market is good for the economy, good for national morale, good for your constituency.

So that's it.  I've had enough of the pack of you.  Obama is on his last term and as near as I can tell hasn't screwed up anywhere near as much as the bunch of you Congressmen, so I won't bother him.  But the rest of you, forget it.  Sign your time card...have any of you EVER had to work a real job that involved punching a clock?  I bet not.  You should try it.  Honest work with dirty fingernails and a satisfying fatigue at the end of the day.  Not flying a desk and bickering with other rich lawyers, something a bit more real than that.  Anyway: sign out, turn in your keys, and go home.  Your performance warrants dismissal, and it's time for you to go.

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