Monday, May 20, 2013


I had written a few hundred words going a completely different direction, calling for the resignation of Barack Obama as POTUS, preferably to be replaced by the plain-talking, affable and impressively bipartisan Joe Biden.  I deleted all of it.

Here's why: the resources I was reading were staunchly conservative - generally Republican mouthpieces.  Their claim is that the IRS has been used to target conservative groups, used as a bludgeon to punish and a hole in otherwise private firewalls to gain information on groups' activities.  If true, it would be a huge violation of trust. Going back to read other sources however, I find the generally liberal/Democrat news outlets are all claiming that the Cincinnati IRS office was snowed under by a raft of non-profit determination requests, a process that left them foundering under a workload that is both unpleasant and not always clear - and when you get it wrong, you run the risk of politicizing a non-partisan office.

At this moment a Bruno Mars song is playing, and I will pause to enjoy it.  Good music is worth interrupting the day for.  Politics take a back seat to a love song.  That's me, exhibiting proper priorities.

The introduction of the Tea Party, which by itself isn't an actual party but rather an especially loud section of the conservative bleachers, has pointed up one thing more than anything else: the American political system is more polarized than I can ever remember it being.

There is more he-said-she-said finger pointing going on than actual governance.  Rather than both parties acting as one government to dig into the causes and international repercussions of the Benghazi attack, I hear accusations from factions within the government of coverups, report changes, who was where when and what they knew when they were where they were.

That isn't governance.  That isn't incident management.  That's a pie fight, a clown factory.

I said it before and I'm saying it again.  I'm not voting for any of you ever again, with the possible exception of Joe Biden.  If you can't play nicely together, I'm suspending all of you.  You'll have to go find real jobs and actually work for a living, just like the rest of us.

You're supposed to represent the United States.  Act like it or move aside for some people who can.

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