Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Players, and Pizza

From time to time I'll start talking about people I care about.  I choose not to name any of them, for the sake of their privacy.  I have Son #1, Son #2, and Sweetie.  These are my immediate family.  There's also the In-Laws, who live locally, and Mumndad, my own parents who live out of state.  That's about as specific as I care to get at this time.  When "privacy" is an evening news buzzword, I'll not be the one that abbreviates anybody else's.

Now that that's done, here's tonight's menu at Leifer's house: pizza.  Sweetie just got done hauling a couple of really excellent pies out of the oven, and I've been looking forward to them all day.

Why tell you?  Simple: pizza is one of those things you can eat every day* and not get tired of it.  Breakfast?  There's a pizza for that.  Lunch, dinner, etc.

Not up for the same old thing every night?  Try a Greek pizza.  Add in some feta, use lamb instead of sausage.  Yowzah.  Totally veggie pizza, chicken pizza, Tex-Mex.  There's so many options the mind boggles.

Tonight's pie featured the winnings of a visit to the olive bar at the grocery store.  I love olives.  I luuurves olives.  I didn't used to, and the red pimiento bit in the middle is just gross.  But I've gotten older and my tastes have evolved, and there are olives stuffed with all kinds of things besides pimiento.  Not to mention there's so much more out there than just green or black olives.  So my pizza had some serious olive presence, plus some pickled garlic, plenty of onions.  I've got a big love for onions too, but I'm on pizzas right now.

I think there might have been meat on there, too.  I'm not sure, and frankly not concerned.  A good pizza is just that - a good pizza.  If you enjoyed the experience and there wasn't meat on it, it was already good, right?  Modern American tastes have become very meat-centered, and that's not good for us in general.  God gave us these sharp teeth up front for eating meat, but then He gave you a bunch more flat, sturdy teeth for grinding up plants.  I figure the ratio of meat teeth to plant teeth represents a good, healthy ratio of meat to plants in our own diets.  Your mileage may vary.

Hmm.  That idea bears a little more research, methinks.  I've held it as a rule of thumb but never really looked into it. 

So that's dinner at the Leifer's house.  Sweetie usually makes the crust too, but it was a big day, so we bought a ready-made one this evening instead.  Weigh in in the comments, tell us what makes a fine pizza.

*Please take note!  "Every day" means "this day, then the next day, and the next, etc."  "Everyday" means pedestrian, mundane, the kind of thing you would see every day.  Get it?

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  1. I love olives and really good pizza as well. Perfect pizza? Crust, good spicy sauce, thin layer of finely ground italian sausage, plenty of mushrooms, onions, green peppers, olives, and covered with a mound of freshly shredded cheese. Mmmmmmmmm. I'm hungry.